• Alison McMenamin
    Moore College of Art & Design
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Alison McMenamin


Photography & Digital Arts

I chose to come to Moore because of the Photography & Digital Arts program and the fact that within the major you could take other classes as well, such as painting or sculpture. I attended a large high school so I was also attracted to the smaller, more close-knit environment here.

One of my favorite classes at Moore was Critical Approaches, an elective writing course. I wrote a case study on the photography of Louise Lawler, Pollock and Tureen. The writing class was really helpful because it was art-focused writing, which you don’t get to do as much in high school

I used that case study as my writing sample when I applied to be an intern at roberta fallon & libby rosof's the artblog. Working for the artblog helps meld my interests in both writing and art. Seeing my first published review of Jane Irish’s show at Locks Gallery was pretty bizarre and exciting too!

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In 2011, I was the recipient of the Harriet Sartain Fellowship, I was able to join NextFab Studio, a membership-based, high-tech workshop and prototyping center in Philadelphia. At NextFab, I studied and experimented with 3D scanning and printing.

I’m still becoming familiar with the technologies and finding ways to incorporate them into my studio practice. The fellowship helped introduce me to innovative ways that artists are working and how technology can play a part in artistic production.