• steve scaduto

Steve Scaduto
Director of Educational Support & The Margaret Minik Writers Studio

As the Director of Educational Support & The Margaret Minik Writers Studio, it is my mission to help empower students to define and achieve their own success. I am an educator who has created writing curricula for both ESL and domestic students. While at The University of the Arts, I implemented large-scale programs (ex: New Student Orientations, Leadership Workshops) that focused on advising and counseling students both individually and in groups on topics including student transitions, academic success, time management, empowerment, conflict management, campus resources, goal-setting, cultural communication, marathon training, etc. My goal is to create an environment where people feel comfortable to explore who they are (and their art) through conversation and writing.  

  • holly bittner
Holly Bittner

Director of Writing
Founder of The Margaret Minik Writers Studio

While I have never considered myself a "hat person," I wear many of them in my professional life, at least in a metaphorical sense. As the Director of Writing at Moore, I oversee all aspects of the First-Year Writing Program. As a full-time faculty member in the Liberal Arts Department, I teach creative writing, first-year writing, and literature courses. As an academic scholar, I research and explore connections between critical and creative writing. And as a writer, I craft long, messy, cross-genre poems. My favorite poets are Wallace Stevens, Frank O'Hara, and Alice Notley. But my strongest influences are the teachers I had in the creative writing program at Temple University, where I received my Masters degree in 2001−particularly the poets Rachel Blau DuPlessis and Jena Osman, who mentored me in the difficult yet invaluable process of becoming a good reader of my own writing. Now, a decade later, I am honored and excited to facilitate the same kind of guidance in writing for students at Moore, and I invite all students, faculty, and staff to collaborate with me and The Margaret Minik Writers Studio in this effort.