• steve scaduto

Steve Scaduto
Director of Educational Support & The Writers Studio

As the Director of Educational Support & The Writers Studio, it is my mission to help empower students to define and achieve their own success. I am an educator who has created writing curricula for both ESL and domestic students. While at The University of the Arts, I implemented large-scale programs (ex: New Student Orientations, Leadership Workshops) that focused on advising and counseling students both individually and in groups on topics including student transitions, academic success, time management, empowerment, conflict management, campus resources, goal-setting, cultural communication, marathon training, etc. My goal is to create an environment where people feel comfortable to explore who they are (and their art) through conversation and writing.  

  • tal

Tal Bavli
Illustration – 2015

I'm an international student coming to you all the way from sunny, wonderful, Israel. I'm an Illustration major, and I'm hoping to become awesome enough to work in the animation industry when I graduate (look out Pixar!). Writing for me is a way to start a discussion, something that should entice the readers to think critically. So my favorite kinds of readings are the ones I disagree with, especially those that make me really mad. I'm happy to join The Writers Studio team, and excited to help my buddies as I improve my own writing too. :) Bring cookies!.. just kidding.. No, but really- cookies.

  • rachel cohen

Rachel Cohen
Illustration – 2015

Hi everybody! When I’m not drawing (which, let’s be real, fellow Illustration majors, is practically never), I love to read and write. My favorite authors are Douglas Adams and Haruki Murakami because of the fascinating, funny, and idiosyncratic twists and turns to their writing. The goal of writing is effective communication, just like the goal of the art you are producing. Whether verbally, visually, musically, etc., the ability to articulate your thoughts and ideas is invaluable. Once you have that down, being able to do it in an interesting and unique way is pretty cool, too. Everyone at The Writers Studio is dedicated to helping you express your vision as clearly as possible at all stages of the writing process. I hope to see you there!

  • rachel costa

Rachel Costa
Interior Design – 2015

 I’m from the lovely little state of Rhode Island. I am a senior Interior Design student this year at Moore who very much enjoys doing D.I.Y. projects and hopes to work in a commercial firm after graduation. In my spare time (which is very rare) I try to catch up on the latest episode of Lost or crack open a good book (I’m a big fan of Khaled Hosseini’s work!) I find writing to be an instrumental part of who I am as both an artist and designer as it allows me to articulate my ideas and also allows for self-expression.  This will be my third and final year in The Writers Studio and I look to meeting and working with you all!

  • jazmin gutierrez

Jazmin Gutierrez
Curatorial Studies (Graphic Design – minor) - 2016

Hello ladies! I'm originally from Guatemala, lived in New Jersey for a while, and now reside in Philly! Along with my classes, I am also a Curatorial Intern at Taller Puertorriqueño, a Student Ambassador in Admissions, and a Writing Assistant here at The Writers Studio. During my time here, I've come to learn that occasionally everyone needs an extra set of eyes on academic work. We are here to help you from the first outline; where you need help organizing your thoughts, to the final draft; where you just want to polish your work. I encourage you to come in and further develop yourself as a writer so that you can assertively express your opinions and be proud of your academic progress along with your artistic accomplishments! :) 

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Shannon Jones
Fine Arts – 2016 

  • lydia knopp

Lydia Knopp
Graphic Design & Curatorial Studies – 2015

Howdy! I’m a Midwesterner hailing from Kansas City, Kansas. I've been helping in The Writers Studio for the past 3 years and it's been my pleasure to listen, learn, and accompany writers in the process that happens right before my eyes! To visualize this, think of Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings helping Frodo on his quest. Sam is my role model, and like him, I promise to offer qualities like clarity, honesty, and accessibility during a session. I'm happy to be along for the writing ride this year, and must give love to the awesome people who have helped me in my own quest thus far. Personally, an author I enjoy is Charles Bukowski, for being a dirty (but honest) old man. (: Looking forward to working with you and sharing plenty of mind-stimulating sessions!

  • rebecca kuemmerle

Rebecca Kuemmerle
Illustration (Business – minor) – 2015

Hey everyone! In addition to being a Writers Assistant, I am also President of Student Government and a Business Scholar in the Arts. I have always enjoyed working with students and being an active member of the Moore community. I love being involved in the many things that are going on in Philly and at Moore, so I’m sure you will see me around! As far as literature is concerned, my interest has always been in high fantasy and science fiction novels. Some of my favorite fantasy works include: JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern. Recently, I have taken this love of all things imaginary and applied it to my illustration work. I just finished two incredible internships with fantasy illustrators Donato Giancola and Tyler Jacobson. Literature is such an important part of our lives and can be inspiring to us in many different ways. Even though writing essays may seem arduous, I promise I can make it fun! I am looking forward to seeing you soon in The Writers Studio!

  • rachel wigham

Rachel Wigham
Illustration – 2017

Greetings! I am an Illustration major who grew up in Belvidere, New Jersey.  I am influenced by high fiction, supernatural fiction, mythology, and comics.  When I am not in The Writers Studio, I enjoy making digital art, playing semi casual strategy games, reading comics, as well as cooking meals for friends and family.  After I graduate, I plan to enter the Game Design or Comic industry creating concept art and full illustrations.  Besides my role as a Writing Assistant, I am currently a member of Student Orientation Staff.

  • bonnie wilson
Bonnie Wilson

Photography & Digital Arts (Graphic Design – minor) – 2016\

Hi! I'm a member of Business Scholars in the Arts and I'm interested in entrepreneurship and owning my own business.   I'm a Philly native with a background in teaching, and I'm also a parent to a witty 4-year-old who tells hysterical knock-knock jokes.   I'm really into having conversations and sharing ideas, and I think writing is the perfect mechanism for evolution of thought.   Reading, thinking, talking, responding and writing help shape who I am as a person and an artist.   The Writers Studio is a great resource for us as creatives and I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

  • holly bittner
Holly Bittner

Director of Writing
Founder of The Writers Studio

While I have never considered myself a "hat person," I wear many of them in my professional life, at least in a metaphorical sense. As the Director of Writing at Moore, I oversee all aspects of the First-Year Writing Program. As a full-time faculty member in the Liberal Arts Department, I teach creative writing, first-year writing, and literature courses. As an academic scholar, I research and explore connections between critical and creative writing. And as a writer, I craft long, messy, cross-genre poems. My favorite poets are Wallace Stevens, Frank O'Hara, and Alice Notley. But my strongest influences are the teachers I had in the creative writing program at Temple University, where I received my Masters degree in 2001−particularly the poets Rachel Blau DuPlessis and Jena Osman, who mentored me in the difficult yet invaluable process of becoming a good reader of my own writing. Now, a decade later, I am honored and excited to facilitate the same kind of guidance in writing for students at Moore, and I invite all students, faculty, and staff to collaborate with me and The Writers Studio in this effort.