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First-Year Writing Program

The first-year writing program prepares students with the writing, reading and critical thinking skills necessary for success in all college classes. By learning rhetorical strategies that make them effective communicators, Moore students become well positioned to succeed throughout their time at the college and achieve their career goals in any field of art or design.


Students read and discuss significant scholarly essays dealing with cultural and social concerns that affect artists and designers. Students also become acquainted with literature as they study poetry, fiction and drama from the Renaissance to the present. Course readings are supplemented with field trips to museums and cultural events such as plays and lectures which enhance and bring the words on the page to life. Students construct responses to their course experiences through the following activities:


Writing academic essays

Writing and speaking about art

Conducting research and documenting sources appropriately

Engaging in close reading and critical thinking

Developing persuasive arguments

Giving oral presentations

Participating in peer critiques

Learning effective organization and idea presentation

Learning correct uses of grammar and mechanics