Liberal Arts


Liberal Arts

Our Liberal Arts department will help you develop the vocabulary to describe your art and its exploration to a variety of audiences. Courses will encourage you to investigate the world while sharpening your ability to think, write, and discuss art and ideas.

Traveling As An Anthropologist

Traveling as an Anthropologist: Morocco 2018 was a course that focused on motherhood, childbirth, kinship structures, family life and religion, as well as on art in the forms of fashion, textiles, sculpture, architecture and music. The 17 students traveling Morocco did so with this in mind, experiencing the country from a culturally relative perspective, analyzing beliefs and practices through the perspectives of its people.
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Expanding Horizons Through Subtitles

James Moyer, PhD, is thrilled that Moore students from across all disciplines take his Japanese cinema class. “We have fashion students. I’ve had design students, fine arts, and that’s always valuable in terms of discussion,” he said. “Students from different fields are contributing from their own perspective and their own sensibilities.” The Japanese Cinema and the Arts class has been offered at Moore for a number of years, and Moyer – a Liberal Arts assistant professor who has a master’s degree in philosophy with an emphasis on aesthetics, and particularly...
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Jonathan Wallis, PhD

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Kelly Kirby, PhD