• lindsay deisher
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Lindsay Deisher


Graphic Design

After being accepted to art schools up and down the East coast, I chose Moore because of the intimate setting. I graduated with a class of about ten designers, and I had the opportunity to create strong relationships with many of my professors because of the atmosphere in the studio. I wouldn't trade my education for anything. Moore gave me the opportunity to grow, explore and succeed. 

At Vanguard, I work as part of the Brand Management Services team. I work collaboratively with a team of designers, editors and other specialists to refresh, refine and enforce an innovative brand identity system.

I completed three internships prior to my graduation, with O'Neill Properties Group, Comcast Interactive Media and The Archer Group. I was given responsibilities and real project work, because I showed such passion and dedication. I gained valuable experience in the professional design world and put my design skills to work. I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't taken advantage of these experiences.