• Meredith Burall Miller
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Meredith Burall Miller


Graphic Design

Shortly after graduating in 2009 I began working in the Marketing field for a large, now national, accounting firm. I also co-founded Cloudfish Studios, a combination photo and design studio that works with families and couples on a variety of events and celebrations, plus serves professionals and businesses with web and print design needs. Within the past two years I have also added Art Director and photo stylist to my list of titles by joining on with Main Line Parent and Philadelphia Family magazines.

While at Moore I don’t think I could have envisioned myself doing some of the things I do today. I’ve realized though, as new opportunities present themselves, how instrumental my education was in preparing me for life’s challenges. Moore permitted me the freedom to grow and explore new and exciting things, and gave me the opportunity to make connections and establish myself as a confident, strong and creative individual. The internships I had through my junior and senior years were a great supplement to my classroom education, and provided me with key real-life experience that are really necessary in today’s job market.  

Life today is certainly busy, but I can’t imagine it any differently! Moore truly helped lay the groundwork for my successful career, and I couldn’t be more grateful.