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Brigette Indelicato


Graphic Design

As a designer at the Franklin Institute, I work with various departments to create brochures, event signage, invitations, advertisements and more. I really enjoy the diversity of projects I work on. I always loved science as a kid and am very happy to have the opportunity to create designs that not only communicate, but educate and inspire.

I heard about the job at the Franklin through my former professor, Gigi McGee, who contacted me about it. I started freelancing in house and when a full-time position opened up I applied. I was elated to be able to join the full-time design team.

I learned about Moore when I was awarded the Visionary Woman Scholarship. With the amazing city of Philadelphia as a campus and a small supportive community for classmates and professors, I was able to grow as an artist, designer and a person in ways that wouldn’t have been possible elsewhere.

When I was a student at Moore, I interned at the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger and had the opportunity to design a great deal of projects, from ads and logos to posters and publications for their extensive public outreach campaign. I was hired out of my internship for a paid position, and worked on completely re-branding the organization. It was rewarding to see the ads I created be published in the Philadelphia newspapers.

My favorite thing about Moore was being a Resident Assistant and then Resident Director. These experiences had a big influence on who I am today: I improved my time-management, interpersonal and leadership skills, had a great deal of fun being part of events and programs and made amazing lasting friendships.

See samples of Brigette's work here