• Samantha Emonds
    Paul Loftland Photography
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Samantha Emonds

2012, Valedictorian

Graphic Design

I’ve gotten so much out of all my graphic design classes at Moore. The projects are really inspired. I’m getting real world experience in the class I’m taking now. We’re learning about the business side of graphic design and how to keep timesheets and write contracts.

As a transfer student I was awarded the Business Scholars in the Arts scholarship [recipients of this award are awarded valuable business leadership training throughout their college career]. This program exposes us to many opportunities outside the classroom. We met with women business owners and were able to talk to them about their experiences.

I’m also a business minor, which helps a lot with my graphic design major. I’ve taken courses in marketing, entrepreneurship and accounting, skills that are really helpful if I want to own my own freelance graphic design business one day.

Sam Emonds - Moore College of Art & Design - Graphic Design