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Graphic Design Virtual Tour


Brianna Boulanger, who fulfilled her paid internship with Campbell’s Soup, is grateful for all the opportunities she’s had at Moore as a Graphic Design major and she’ll tell you why. Next, Tori Dallas will escort you on a tour of the entire Moore campus located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway’s museum mile.  Then, President Cecelia Fitzgibbon and Belena Chapp, director of the Locks Career Center, will share their thoughts on Moore’s promise of “Inspiring Careers” and the College’s career-focused education.  Lastly, Foundation Chair Lynn Palewicz will speak about how you master technical skills so you’re prepared for your area of study, and Liberal Arts associate professor Dr. Jonathan Wallis will explain how the development of vocabulary is essential in order to describe your art and its exploration.  Your entire tour is less than 12 minutes long - enjoy!