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Graphic design is everywhere. You see it on your computer screen, in your environment, even in your refrigerator.Our program produces creative, informed, contemplative, visually astute designers able to grow within a continually evolving, dynamic profession. The program supports the creative process with a carefully sequenced multiform curriculum emphasizing the fundamentals of design through concept development, generative sketching, prototyping, image making, typography, digital technology, time-based design, interactive media and web design. Graphic Designers are digital artists who have grown beyond two-dimensional design and make their mark with a broad spectrum of visual communication applications encompassing print, branding, motion graphics, packaging, environmental graphics, mobile apps and web-based media. The paid internship program, an experiential learning opportunity, supports our career-focused education that prepares graduates to enter the design profession with skills to meet the challenges and demands of an exciting, multi-faceted, career utilizing traditional, new and evolving media.


Graphic Design - Core Curriculum


Foundation Design I & II
Foundation Drawing I & II
Visual Thinking
Color Theory
The Printed Word*
Writing Workshop I & II
Convention, Canon, Sign
Becoming Modern

Total: 33 credits


Introduction to Graphic Design
Design Thinking and Application
Typography I
Type and Image
Digital Image Making
Modern & Contemporary Art History Course
Non-Western Art History Elective
Interpreting History
Cultural Collisions and Transformations

Total: 30 credits  


Type III: Screen Typography
Graphic Design: Strategies and Applications
Type IV: Expressive Typography
Graphic Design IV: Web Design
3D Applications in Graphic Design
Professional Development
History of Modern Design
Liberal Arts Electives
Studio Electives

Total: 33 credits  


Advanced Typography
Design Systems
Time-Based Design
Professional Practices in Graphic Design
Graphic Design Thesis
Liberal Arts Electives
Open Electives

*Major course

Total: 31.5 credits 

Four Year Total

Foundation: 18 credits

Major: 55.5 credits

Liberal Arts: 42 credits

Open Electives: 6 credits

Studio Electives: 6 credits

TOTAL FOR DEGREE: 126 credits