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In order to begin your journey you need a road map. The purpose of Foundation is to help you master technical skills so that you are prepared for your area of study. This program provides a strong basis in design principles that is rooted in drawing, and lays the foundation so you are trained for a career in art and design.

Visual Thinking

First-year students take a course known as Visual Thinking. The course has three components: the studio experience; seminar, or workshops and developing community among the students. Students from all majors work alongside one another, creating different approaches to the same theme in the studio part of the course.
Foundation Students’ Annual Trip to the Met // Moore

Metropolitan Museum of Art Trip

BFA students in all majors have the opportunity to experience out-of-classroom field trips that expand their knowledge and hone their skills. Each year, first-year Foundation students take a trip to New York City to see the city and to observe and sketch the work within the Metropolitan Museum of Art.