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Cara Croke


Art History & Fine Arts

The decision to attend Moore for my B.F.A. was life changing, and ultimately one of the best decisions I have ever made.  As an Art History major with a Two-Dimensional Fine Art minor, I was able to pursue both the technical and academic aspects of art.  The incredible education I received in addition to the close relationships I formed with faculty members influenced my decision to further my education by attending graduate school.  After receiving my Master’s in Art History & Theory from the University of Essex, United Kingdom, I returned to the United States with a strong desire to help young women who hold similar artistic aspirations.   

Currently I am working as an academic advisor at Moore where my passion for art was nurtured, and where I am able to assist young women in achieving their goals of becoming successful within the art, design and academic fields. 

As an alumna of Moore, I truly value the importance of attending an all-women’s college.  I believe that a single sex education challenges gender stereotypes and encourages women to take on leadership positions that they might not typically have access to in a co-educational environment.   Moore’s dedication to leadership within the arts is unique and a large part of why I chose to study here.  As a part of the Emerging Leader in the Arts program at Moore, I not only learned strong leadership skills, I was also provided with opportunities to connect with the art world outside of school and complete internships at some of the most prestigious museums and cultural institutions in Philadelphia.

The education, leadership opportunities, internships and supportive relationships that I have gained during my time at Moore are life long, and I am thrilled to be able to help other young women achieve their artistic pursuits!