• camille-moser
    Photo Courtesy of Andrew Pinkham Photography
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Camille Moser


Fashion Design

Being raised by two artists, I have been creating and encouraged to think artistically all my life. I’ve had experience working in a variety of mediums, from drawing and painting to felting, sculpture, sewing, and printmaking.
I can hardly begin to describe my work since I’m still in the process of learning. All I can do is figure out my own style. I love learning and surrounding myself with inspiration, which is all around me here! There is constantly room for improvement.

Moore is unique because of its small size, the fact that it’s a women’s college, it’s location in Center City and the College’s focus on “career preparation,” which is really important to me. Receiving a scholarship to come to Moore had a huge impact on me. It allowed me to go to a school that will help me find a career in the arts and bypass that whole “starving artist” bit!