• Auralis Herrero
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Auralis Herrero


Fashion Design

I come from a family of very strong women – my mother raised three kids by herself. So when we were looking at colleges, Moore seemed like the perfect choice. We thought that a school that had been educating women for more than 160 years would provide just the nurturing, safe, challenging and creative environment I was looking for.

Auralis was one of only 10 eco-friendly designers to show her collection of sustainable fashions at The GreenShows in NYC, the premier fashion event exclusively committed to ethically sound, sustainable fashion. Lugo credits Moore with teaching her how to be the "creative master" of a project - from conception to design.

It was the only time in my career besides now that I could design whatever I wanted without any major limitations. Moore prepared me to be the head designer of a company, which is what I was able to do only five years after graduation."

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