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Fashion Critic Program


The curriculum in the Fashion Design Department is based on the critic process.  A designer from the fashion industry participates in each project at every level to ensure that the results are professional and marketable.


Students meet with the critic three times. First, the designer looks at the student’s designs, fabric swatches, flat sketches and concept board and chooses the garment that will be constructed in Studio class.  The critic returns for a muslin crit, an opportunity to see the design created in an expensive fabric.  Changes in fit, proportion and design may be made at this point.  At the final meeting, a completed garment is shown by the student, and the critic may give advice on how it will be styled for the fashion show or suggest accessories for the design.

The purpose of the critic project is to give the student advice during the design process, and to enable almost all students to participate in the fashion show in May.