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As a Curatorial Studies major you may seek an internship in a wide range of institutions that focus on the organization and display of works of art, as well as cultural and historic preservation. These may include museums, historic houses, art centers, non-profit and commercial galleries, auction houses, archives and libraries. You may also find placement working with corporate or private collections, or as an assistant to an independent curator.

Learn more about paid Internships and see where students have completed recent internships.

Recent Internships:

Internship Stories

Lydia Knopp
Hear from Lydia Knopp, a Graphic Design and Curatorial Studies Junior, at Moore College of Art & Design. Learn about her experience with coming right out of a public, co-ed school in Kansas, and going to a private, all...
Flor Jazmin Gutierrez
Flor "Jazmin" Gutierrez
Originally from Guatemala, Flor “Jazmin” Gutierrez graduated from Moore College of Art & Design in 2016.   In this video you’ll hear from Jazmin a few months into her first year at Moore and then again just days before...
Nicole DelRossi
Nicole DelRossi
NICOLE DELROSSI: IN HER OWN WORDS A W.W Smith Charitable Trust Scholarship recipient  “I came to Moore around eighteen, typical college age.  I initially came for Fashion Design and then ended up changing my major.  I...