Year I

FN105 Design I: Surface and Image 3 credits
FN102 Foundation Design II     3 credits
FN111 Foundation Drawing I 3 credits
FN112 Foundation Drawing II     3 credits
Fn115 Visual Thinking 3 credits
FN123 Color Theory   3 credits
CS201 Working/Thinking as a Curator  3 credits
AH111 Convention, Canon, Sign 6 credits
AH112 Becoming Modern 3 credits
WRIT101 Writing Workshop I 3 credits
WRIT102 Writing Workshop II 3 credits
  Total: 33 credits  

Year II

CS200 Curatorial Projects 3 credits
ENGL210 Critical Approaches 3 credits
  Studio Minor   6 credits
  Modern Art History Course 3 credits
  Non-Western Art History Elective 3 credits
HIST211 Interpreting History 3 credits
HIST212 Cultural Collisions and Transformations 3 credits
  Studio Electives 6 credits
  Total: 30 credits  

Year III

AH366 Exhibitionism 3 credits
CS302 Curatorial Studies Method 3 credits
CS390 Professional Development 1.5 credits
Ah399 Theory, Criticism & Aesthetics 3 credits
  Studio Minor 9 credits
  Liberal Arts Electives 6 credits
  Studio Electives 6 credits
  Total: 31.5 credits  

Year IV

CS400 Curatorial Studies Thesis I 3 credits
CS401 Curatorial Studies Thesis II 3 credits
CS496 Internship 4.5 credits
  Liberal Arts Electives   9 credits
  Open Electives 6 credits
  Studio Electives   6 credits
  Total: 31.5 credit hours  


Four Year Total

Foundation: 18 credits

Major: 42 credits (includes 15.0 credits for studio minor)

Studio Minor: 15 credits

Liberal Arts: 42 credits

Open Electives: 6 credits

Studio Electives: 18 credits


TOTAL FOR DEGREE: 126 credits

* Major Course