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What can I do with a BFA in Curatorial Studies?

A BFA with a major in Curatorial Studies can prepare you for a range of exciting careers. Some of which include:

  • Art Advisor/Consultant
  • Art Critic
  • Collections Manager
  • Corporate Curator
  • Curator of Exhibitions
  • Editor, Magazines and Books
  • Exhibitions Coordinator
  • Freelance Arts and Culture Writer
  • Visual Resource Curator

    Work Places

    • Commercial and Non-Profit Galleries
    • Museums
    • Media Companies
    • Arts Organizations
    • Publishing Companies
    • Freelance/Independent
    • Corporations

    A Selection of Where Moore Graduates Have Worked

    Curatorial Studies Alumni Stories

    Lily Fierman
    I had taken classes at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania, but when I came to Moore, I knew it was the right fit. I wanted to study women’s artwork and also have the opportunity to take liberal arts...
    Chloe Van Stralendorff
    I am currently the gallery manager at Marcas Contemporary Art. MCA seeks to inspire, engage and expand the accessibility of contemporary art in Orange County, CA. I'm also a part-time project photographer for the...
    Michelle Lynch
    By the end of my time at Moore I began envisioning the future of my work existing at the intersection of curatorial and archival practices. (I would say I saw the politics of representation that we were really engaging...