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Curatorial Studies

Student Interview // Lydia Knopp's Moore Experience
Are you skillful at seeing the big picture? Much like a film director, the job of a curator involves creating a story through multitasking, attention to detail, organization, and the vision to join all the parts in a meaningful way. You will examine the theories and practice involved in conceiving, creating and designing exhibitions, collections and archives.

Meet a Few Faculty

jonatahn wallis headshot
Associate Professor, Penny & Bob Fox Distinguished Professor

Jonathan Wallis, PhD

Kelly Kirby
Liberal Arts Chair, Assistant Professor

Kelly Kirby, PhD

Lily Fierman

I had taken classes at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania, but when I came to Moore, I knew it was the right fit.I wanted to study women’s artwork and also have the opportunity to take liberal arts and fine arts courses and do the Curatorial Studies program. I wanted to feel well-rounded when I graduated. I had the experience of making art and I understood the artistic process. The Moore community was fantastic and accepted me.I was accepted to Moore in high school but didn’t go at the time because I was wary of attend­ing an all-women’s college. I later...

100% Employed!

100% of 2016 Curatorial Studies graduates are employed with businesses in their field of study!