Year I

FN105Design I: Image and Surface3 credits
FN102Foundation Design II  3 credits
FN111Foundation Drawing I3 credits
FN112Foundation Drawing II  3 credits
FN123Color Theory3 credits
FN115Visual Thinking3 credits
ED202Engaging Students in Community Arts*3 credits
AH111Convention, Canon, Sign3 credits
AH112Becoming Modern3 credits
WRIT101Writing Workshop I3 credits
WRIT102Writing Workshop II3 credits

Total: 33 credits

Year II

ED203Emerging Patterns of Education3 credits
PT231Painting I3 credits
3D201Sculpture I3 credits
DR213Drawing I1.5 credits

Fine Arts Media Requirements6 credits
MATH201Mathematical Concepts3 credits
MATH204Mathematical Applications  3 credits

Modern Art History Course3 credits

Non-Western Art History Elective3 credits
HIST211Interpreting History3 credits
HIST212Cultural Collisions and Transformations3 credits

Studio Electives3 credits

Total: 36 credits

Year III

ED321Art Methods & Curriculum Development I3 credits
ED322Art Methods & Curriculum Development II3 credits
ED313Impact of Behavioral Science3 credits
2D331Fine Arts Junior Studio6 credits
AH399Theory, Criticism & Aesthetics3 credits

Liberal Arts Electives 6 credits

Studio Electives  6 credits

Open Electives3 credits

Total: 36 credits

Year IV

FA421Fine Arts Senior Studio3 credits
ED326Lab Experience & Practicum1.5 credits
ED316ELL through Art Education3 credits
ED327Special Populations3 credits
FA501Senior Projects3 credits
ED501Student Teaching9 credits
ED501SStudent Teaching Seminar0 credits

Liberal Arts Electives6 credits

Open Electives6 credits

Total: 28.5 credits

Four Year Total

Foundation: 18 credits

Fine Arts Studio: 28.5 credits

Education: 31.5 credits

Required Studio Electives: 7.5 credits

Liberal Arts & Math Courses: 42 credits

Open Electives: 6 credits

TOTAL FOR DEGREE: 130.5 Credits

* Major Course