MOORE'S BFA IN Animation & Game Arts STARTED IN FALL 2013

  • The Animation & Game Arts BFA program is designed for students who want to pursue careers as visual artists in the fields of animation, game art, and mobile media design.

  • This major is for students who are curious self-learners and problem-solvers, have the desire to be part of a creative team or community, and thrive with the challenge of working within frameworks and prescribed limitations. 

  • This program teaches a variety of industry-relevant knowledge including: hand and digital drawing; animation and storyboarding; development of 2D character design and 3D environments; history, theory, and critical analysis of interactive culture; gaming strategies; and proficiency in use of art-making software.

  • The perfect student for this major is also someone who is self-motivated, passionate in keeping up with the “up-to-date”, and is invested in being part of interactive and social media communities. They are “tinkerers” who want “to figure things out”  They are highly creative visual artists who embrace working collaboratively with other artists, designers and programmers.  

  • First-Year: New Foundation program which integrates traditional processes and evolving digital technologies provides contemporary core for students entering the Animation & Game Arts major. 

  • Sophomore Year:  Begin to build the framework of skills necessary to create digital animations using movement and narrative visuals and introduction to the industry.

  • Junior Year: Preparation for an internship, professional practices, and project-based courses in game strategies, and mobile media design.

  • Senior Year: Independently initiated and professionally executedanimation & game arts project, and the development of a comprehensive digital portfolio with advice from external industry experts.