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About the 2019 Walentas Endowed Fellowship Artist

Caroline Woolard employs sculptures and online networks to study the pleasures and pains of interdependence. Woolard has co-founded barter networks and (2008-2015), the Study Center for Group Work (since 2016), (since 2014), and the NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative (since 2016).Recent writing on her work has been published in The Brooklyn Rail, Artforum, Art in America, and The New York Times. Woolard’s work has been featured twice in the PBS / Art21 documentary series New York Close Up. Caroline Woolard is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at the University of Hartford. Making and Being, her forthcoming book about interdisciplinary collaboration, co-authored with Susan Jahoda, will be published in the fall of 2019. Read the full Walentas Fellowship announcement press release.


"What if the tables and objects in our spaces were as imaginative as the conversations we were having? I know that many of my multi-year projects have been limited by a lack of experience with collaboration, listening, and group work by members of the groups I am working in.

I have found that by bringing sculptural objects to gatherings, like my Capitoline Wolf tables and my Water Clock timekeeping devices, I can make tangible the slow temporality of community-building; people sense the care that has gone into the facilitation practices that are necessary for group work. The reason I am so excited about making objects for facilitation is that it solves two deep desires I have: (1) to make beautiful objects and also (2) remain in facilitation settings, meetings, and group settings where I can offer my skills as an artist and honor existing, slowly-developed, community-generated facilitation skills. I am focused on sculptural objects in addition to facilitation methods because I realize that I spend so much time in meetings, with awful formica tables and fluorescent bulbs. This is a site I know well."