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Century 21 Department Store presents FASHION SHOW 2016
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On May 14, Moore fashion design seniors presented their innovative collections at the 2016 Spring Fashion Show: “A Genre of Her Own: Mirroring Picasso,” held for the second time at the Barnes Foundation, housing one of the finest Impressionist collections in the world. More than 800 people attended the event.

Sponsored by Century 21 Department Store, the fashion show featured innovative collections and designs by seniors, junior and sophomore students of Moore’s acclaimed fashion design department. The theme for the Senior Eveningwear was a tribute to the Barnes Foundation’s recent Picasso exhibition, Picasso: The Great War, Experimentation and Change. The students researched Picasso’s work to create their gowns inspired by his art.

Each senior over the course of the year designed their own unique collection, highlighting each of their individual aesthetics and representing the market that the senior intends to pursue. Collections included sportswear, swimwear, menswear, women's wear and juniors. Garments featured chiffon, translucent latex, tulle, knitwear and laser cut flowers.

The 2016 show kicked off with athleisure wear, "Rapid Response," featuring collections for men and women created by juniors. Next, the show highlighted “tween" fashions by sophomore designers, with garments inspired by the theme of “Wild Garden" and incorporating a sportswear fabrication element.

Select students were presented with awards determined by guest critics, including many successful Moore alumni, all working in the fashion industry: local couturier Frank Agostino, Agostino, Bryn Mawr; Amy Devan, Naveda Couture, Philadelphia; Savannah De Vore ’98, Phillips Van Heusen, New York; and Heather Kauffman, Lilly Pulitzer, King of Prussia, PA.

Fashion Design Awards 2016

Sophomore Class Tweens
Heather Kauffman Critic Award
Critic Award – Shannon Francis
Honorable Mention – Raven Washington

Junior Class Athleisure
Savanna De Vore ’98 Critic Award
Critic Award – Madelange Laroche
Honorable Mention – Erin Keegan & Kimberly McLinden
Best Use of Fabrics – Dakota Bryson

Senior Class Collections
Frank Agostino Critic Award
Critic Award – Emily McCann
Knitwear Award - Sophia Scalora
Best Use of Innovative Fabrics – Claudia Geissler

Senior Class Eveningwear
Amy Devan Critic Award
Critic AwardAmanda Plummer
Honorable Mention – Moira Miller
Most Saleable – Ivana Urick
Most Creative – Claudia Geissler

Adrienne Vittadini ’66 Eveningwear Award – Cassandra Covage

Marisa Jannaman ’00 Best Construction Award – Ivana Urick

Portfolio Critic Award – Claudia Geissler
Honorable Mention – Amanda Plummer & Ingrid Ching Tsoi

Fashion Faceoff

1st place – Erin Keenan
2nd place – Lucy Sanchez
3rd place – Kimberly McLinden
Sponsored by Wearables magazine

*Best Merchandised Collection – Anisa Harrell (Sponsored by Print Fresh)

*Century 21 Best in Show Award – Aidan Weiss (Presented by C21's Valentino Vettori)

Published on May 17th, 2016