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Moore President Cecelia Fitzgibbon Named President of Parkway Council

Moore College of Art & Design President Cecelia Fitzgibbon
Moore College of Art & Design President Cecelia Fitzgibbon

Philadelphia, PA – Moore College of Art & Design President Cecelia Fitzgibbon has been named president of the Parkway Council Board of Directors.

The Parkway Council enhances, promotes and advocates for the Parkway Museums District, a major cultural/educational/civic district encompassing the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The District’s institutions serve hundreds of thousands of city and regional residents, as well as national and international tourists. Parkway Council members include Moore, The Barnes Foundation, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Association for Public Art, and many more.

“This is a marvelous and very unique time to be president of the board of the Parkway Council,” Fitzgibbon said. “Everybody knows Philadelphia has a rich history, but I think we are growing in our reputation as a cultural destination, and the Parkway becomes the symbol of that.”

The Benjamin Franklin Parkway was constructed 100 years ago, and it was imagined as the Champs-Élysées of Philadelphia. In 2014, 3.7 million people visited the Parkway Museums District, including 306,400 school group attendees and 109,300 community group attendees, for an annual economic impact of $621 million to the City of Philadelphia.

“As president of the Council, I am hoping to guide members into continuing this collaborative spirit and working with the city to recognize the value of the Parkway as a cultural district and a destination,” Fitzgibbon said.

Published on February 8th, 2017