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Moore Strategic Plan FY 2017-2021


1. Strive for Faculty Excellence across all College programs by supporting shared governance, attracting and supporting full time, adjunct and visiting faculty, and utilizing external partnerships to strengthen existing resources

Support shared governance  

a) Continue to partner with the Faculty Forum on areas of mutual interest for the benefit of the College and the strengthening of shared governance. (AA)

Recruit and Support Quality Faculty in Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

a) Increase the diversity of faculty, guest lecturers, Faculty Fellow, guest critics and artists through recruitment, programming, exhibitions and curriculum. (AA)

b) Attract and provide support resources to dedicated, quality full-time and adjunct faculty who are fully engaged in the college, provide high-quality instruction, and are professionally active in their field. (AA)

c) Eliminate the ad hoc adjunct faculty search process by creating a pool of outstanding, diverse and professionally active faculty to fill positions when needed. This would replace ad hoc search processes. (F&A)

d) Use visiting professorships/visiting fellowships to bring extraordinary faculty to Moore to collaborate with our students and faculty and bring recognition to Moore. (AA)

e) More clearly define excellence in professional activity and meaningful faculty professional development activity and dedicate more resources to support both

f) Provide financial, space and support resources for faculty collaboration

g) Recruit institutional, business and academic partners that support and enhance classroom instruction, and ensure that faculty engage in the community while also creating a robust learning experience for students. (AA)

2.  Strive for Student Excellence by diversifying the BFA student population and optimizing academic and physical resources

a) Increase the academic profile of incoming students by targeting demographic, geographic and socioeconomic diversity. (AA, AD)

b) Continue the housing grant as a strategy for attracting and retaining incoming students based on socioeconomic and geographic factors. (SS, F&A)

c) Institute an annual Sophomore Identity project to include faculty mentors and structured field trip experiences for all students at all levels across all majors. (AA, SS)

d) Continue to identify opportunities for facilities investments in amenities essential to meet expectations of a more diverse and demanding student body (Fox Commons, courtyards) (AA, SS)

3. Strive for Instructional Excellence by continually refining and improving the undergraduate and graduate curriculum, emphasizing cross-disciplinary teaching and learning and capitalizing on partnerships

Strengthen the curriculum

a) Periodically assess all degree programs for 21st-century relevance and delivery, and apply results to better inform curriculum and institutional decision-making where appropriate. (AA)

b) Reevaluate the current graduate programs to ensure robust enrollment, quality curriculum and relevancy. (AA, SS)

c) Raise the profile of the Business minor by strengthening business classes to support students who aspire to be entrepreneurs. (AA)

d) Develop ways to strengthen the current critique process to include external input and be more interdisciplinary. (AA)

e) Create additional opportunities for faculty to work together to develop curriculum that is relevant, rigorous, and innovative. (AA)

f) Work with faculty to integrate more international travel opportunities that are incorporated into the curriculum, increasing the percentage of students with an international experience to over 50% (SS, AA, F&A)

g) Periodically evaluate CE programs and update curricula to meet changing demands of external environment including student interests, institutional competition and economy (CE)

h) Reevaluate the structure of Departments for maximum alignment and curricular delivery

i) Consider new BFA majors that increase our competitiveness in the marketplace, align with our mission and recognize students’ growing desire for broad exposure across the visual and liberal arts. (AA)

j) Build upon the strength of the internship experience by focusing curriculum and related programming on core proficiencies and skills necessary to be successful in careers as guided by research from employers. (AA, SS)

k) Restructure the Library as a student center for 21st-century learning. (AA)

Think across disciplines

a) Research and implement teaching and learning models that support cross- disciplinary learning and teaching. (AA)

b) Support and strengthen academic ties with The Galleries – acting as a visual arts resource for students and faculty by developing an artist residency program that gives opportunities for students and faculty to interact with an artist in the field. (AA)

c) Develop and add more “differentiators” (e.g. the Visual Thinking course) to the curriculum as a way to promote Moore’s excellence in instruction. (AA)

d) Develop an interdisciplinary grant for faculty to incentivize collaboration and curriculum development. (AA)

e) Create a physical and virtual space to promote and encourage interdisciplinary teaching and learning (e.g. re-imagine the “college hour;” highlight interdisciplinary work on the website) (AA)

Capitalize on Partnerships

a) Recruit partners in business, art and design that support the career and leadership message of the college’s mission and strengthen learning opportunities. (AA)

b) Leverage Moore’s corporate partnerships by using internship as opportunities to form more reciprocal relationships. (AA,D)

c) Develop a formalized entrepreneurial program. (AA, EO)


1. Increase BFA retention to yield graduation rates to 70% by 2021 by continually improving the student learning and student life experience (AA & SS)

a) Periodically assess the effectiveness of student programs and services as they relate to retention, and apply results to better inform institutional decision-making where appropriate. (AA & SS)

2. Strengthen the Student Learning Experience

a) Improve and expand leadership development programs with a focus on citizenship, globalization and increased student access to participation. (SS)

b) Strengthen co-curricular programming offered to all first-year students in the Visual Thinking class, and to all sophomores through “sophomore day” to include leadership development, resilience, and social/community engagement. (SS, AA)

c) Develop opportunities for student/faculty engagement outside of the classroom (SS, AA, G)

d) Provide opportunities for the community to learn and explore issues around diversity, identity, inequality, inclusion, and academic freedom. (SS, AA, All)

e) Implement the integration of full-time graduate students on campus during the fall and spring terms.

3. Enhance the Student Life Experience

a) Leverage social aspects of the student experience for network development. (SS, AA)

b) Expand Community in the Classroom and support social/community engagement opportunities (SS, AA)

c) Provide more opportunities for an engaging campus life to supplement “City as Campus” (SS)

d) Develop institutional pride events / traditions (involve faculty, staff, and alumni) (SS)


1. Increase Earned Income

a) Increase tuition driven enrollment by increasing the incoming BFA class to 137, 143, 150, 155 and 160 in FY17, FY18, FY19, FY20 and FY21 respectively (F&A, AD)

b) Increase residence hall capacity to 240 students and achieve 100% occupancy rate by FY21. (F&A, SS)

c)  Increase Summer Art and Design enrollment to 60 students in 2020 (CE)

d) Increase YAW enrollment to 500 students per term by FY21 (CE)

e) Develop programs for new market segments for Adult CE (CE)

f) Increase graduate admissions by improving recruitment strategies and examining scholarship and pricing structure.

2. Increase Contributed Income

a) Increase the College endowment through the Campaign for Moore by raising $15-20 million by 2019 (D)

b) Build a robust major gifts program, using the campaign as an opportunity, that will increase the College’s endowment and annual operations. (D)

c) Grow the InspireMoore Fund and Sarah Peter Society to broaden the College’s base of philanthropic support for annual operations as well as expand the pool of major gift prospects. (D)

d) Create a corporate partnership program that will leverage/maximize Moore’s existing base of corporate support while providing opportunities for increased giving. (D, AA)

e) Strengthen engagement programs, starting with the student experience, that will build long-term relationships with a broad network of active and proud alumni. (D, SS, AD)

f) Create strategic stewardship process, activities and events designed to thank/acknowledge donors in a meaningful way and increase fundraising outcomes. (D)

g) Promote a culture of philanthropy and investment worthiness at Moore by engaging students, staff, faculty, alumni, Board, community members and friends as advocates for the College. (D, All)

h) Broaden and deepen the base of non-alumni donors, including parents, arts and culture supporters, and foundations which share Moore’s values. (D)

i) Align annual objectives, strategies and resources to reflect a donor-centric approach to achieve medium and long-term goals for campaign, major gifts, alumni relations, annual fund, special events, corporate and foundation relations. (D, AA)

j) Investigate the creation of a Department of Advancement combining Development, Alumni Relations and Marketing and Communications for maximum impact. (D, M&C)

3. Increase Art Shop Product Sales (M&C)

a) Explore new business and product development opportunities (M&C)


1. Strengthen Moore’s awareness/brand locally & nationally through messaging and marketing (M&C)

a) Strengthen messaging about the benefits of an all-women’s art and design college with an added focus on employment, paid internships, education and international travel (M&C)

b) Maximize uniqueness of all-women’s legacy & its relevance in the 21st century (M&C)

c) Promote College’s distinctive niche of women’s leadership training (M&C)

d) Prepare and coach the entire College community to become ambassadors (faculty, staff, alumni, board) through a coordinated messaging strategy (M&C)

e) Strengthen messaging around the Visionary Woman Honors Program (AD, SS)

f) Develop a more cohesive visual identity in electronic communications (M&C)

2. Position Moore as a College of thought-leaders by creating champions

a) Convene a President’s Advisory Council of leaders in the fields represented by Moore (EO,D)

b) Identify national renowned spokesperson whose professions align with the College’s mission (M&C, EO)

c) Provide opportunities for students, faculty, alumni and staff to personally champion the College, nationally (M&C)

3. Continue developing and expanding The Galleries’ national & international reputation in order to gain recognition for the College and its programs.

a) Increase public accessibility to The Galleries through community-driven programming (M&C,G)

b) During 2018-19, organize and present a series of exhibitions that connect to the history, excellence and legacy of The Galleries and the College (M&C, G)

4. Position Moore as a laboratory for new models of effective leadership, responsiveness, innovation and transparency in higher education

a) Create cross-departmental faculty, staff and stakeholder issue based pods that focus on rapid solution and implementation (All)

b) Seek partnerships with innovative companies for new perspectives in service delivery focused on design thinking (All)