Student Government President Works to Improve Moore

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Samantha Jauch joined Student Government because she is passionate about working with other students to improve Moore. The senior PDA major became President so she could have an even greater impact.

“I really liked the idea of being involved in all of the committees on Student Government,” she said. “I really wanted to be a part of everything.”

Student Government committees include the Student-Run Gallery, networking, community, programming and public relations. As president, Jauch sits in on all the committees and helps make decisions.

She also represents the student perspective on the College Planning Committee.

“[Being on the college planning committee]has taught me how to present myself professionally outside of my peers and to think of the college as a whole…not just smaller issues that the students may have but issues that the college has and what the institution wants to achieve.”

In high school, Jauch was a varsity swimmer and didn’t have time to get involved in a leadership role. That changed when she came to Moore. She spent one year as a resident assistant before joining Student Government.

“When I got here I realized I like volunteering, but it’s hard to volunteer a lot when you’re in school,” she said. “If you want a day to day thing, student leadership is the best way to get involved. Being in a leadership role I’ve learned how to communicate and get things done. It has made me more confident and organized and cured any fear I ever had of public speaking.”

Jauch is currently working to recruit new members to bring fresh ideas to Student Government. Several information sessions were held this month. Next week, Student Government will be collecting sneakers and money for a fundraiser for Back on My Feet, an organization that uses running to help those experiencing homelessness. 

When she’s not busy with Student Government, Jauch is a freelance photographer. She’s also working on getting her sky diving license. “With the license you can teach or sky dive competitively or just for leisure,” she said. “I did my first jump in high school and I want to be  able to do it more often and go solo.”

Jauch said she learned about Moore through a friend who attended the College and she was able to come and visit multiple times before applying.

“I liked what I saw,” she said. “PDA is kind of a small major but it’s a really good major to be in. There are not a lot of students per teacher and the faculty is really hands on and really great artists too.”

Jauch said her favorite thing about Moore is the friendships she has developed with other students.

“You make friends that you know you’ll have for life. The relationships you build here - being a close knit women’s college – you automatically have a lot in common with everyone. It’s a comfortable environment and it’s very empowering.”

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Published on November 18th, 2013