High School Artist Improves Her Skills Through Youth Programs

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Megan Le wanted to kick start her college portfolio.

She took a Portfolio Preparation class through the Pre-College Program for High School Young Adults at Moore.

And then she took it again a second time.

"I wanted to create more pieces for my portfolio and I came out of the class both times with several pieces," Le said. "I work pretty slow, but with the pieces that I had also brought in from outside of school, my instructors gave me feedback and helped me improve. I saw what colleges wanted and didn't want. The class covered all spectrums of mediums, which was pretty cool."

Le, 17, also completed two Expressive Portraiture classes through the Youth Programs and discovered a newfound love for portraits.

"I got a lot of basic skills and I was surrounded by these really talented students and that really helped and reflected in my work as well," Le said. "We played off of each other's skills. I feel like I became a better artist.

"Before Moore I never had the chance to have a model sit in front of me so I could draw for hours, but it was really nice," she said. "In my own time I'm really busy and never have a chance to draw for three hours straight. At Moore, it was a really nice opportunity to sit in silence and get my work done."

Le, of Willingboro, NJ, is a student at Moorestown Friends School and learned about the Youth Programs from her art teacher. Her teacher, in partnership with Moore, was able to offer her a scholarship to attend the programs.

Le said she plans to take more classes at Moore this summer. She currently has an oil painting on display in the Youth Programs catalog.

"I'm thinking of applying to art school, but I might go into communications or media design," she said. "But primarily I'm a fine artist and I work with painting."

Summer classes begin July 7, 2014 for boys and girls, young men and women in grades 1 - 12 in Animation, Computer Graphics, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Gaming Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Portfolio Preparation and more. Register now.

Published on May 30th, 2014