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Sristi Chanda

Sristi Story
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Sristi Chanda

Interior Design

Junior Interior Design student Sristi Chanda spent her summer interning for architect Raymond F. Rola, AIA, also a partner with CIVITAS Architects in Philadelphia, a full-service architectural and interior design firm offering design services for orthodontic and dental offices

"Sristi Chanda has been one of the best interns we have ever employed," Rola said. "She responded to every task we gave her with intelligence, creativity and good common sense."

Here, Chanda, a Visionary Woman scholar, tells us more about her internship experience:

How did you choose this internship?
I learned about it through word of mouth from a senior student, as well as from my professor, Andrea Biezer. I wanted to intern here because it’s a small firm and I felt that I could get more hands-on experience doing a variety of interior design tasks.

What were your responsibilities at this internship?
I was lucky enough to have a diverse range of tasks. I did a lot of CAD-related drafting. I also was in charge of design on a few projects. I went to a client meeting and I also got the chance to go on a site visit and actively participate with the surveying and measurement of the site. I was able to make brochures and use Photoshop. I created sketch-up models and materials boards for samples, as well as schedules pertaining to the materials.

What have you learned from your internship that you can bring back to your studies?
I have learned how to professionally approach my design, including creating a professional presentation of my work. I learned more about budgets and working with clients. I learned about ADA accessibility and the importance of adhering to codes and regulations. I learned how to work smarter and faster.

What was the overall experience like at your internship?
It has been a great learning experience. I got a real taste of what it is like to work in an interior design firm and I was able to work in a very friendly and positive environment.

How did you first learn about Moore?
I learned about Moore through the Internet. I wanted to go here solely for the curriculum and the faculty. I am glad I came to Moore. I’ve worked with fantastic faculty, especially Don Rushton, Andrea Biezer and Francine Martini. I have already noticed a dramatic change in my skill level through my internship and I can only imagine how impressed I will be with my work when it is time to hang up my senior thesis.