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Sara Savage

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Sara Savage


Art Education

 I decided to attend Moore after I received my acceptance letter. I was so excited, jumping up and down because I knew that it was the right fit. I attended Moore’s Sneak Preview as a high school senior and my excitement gained momentum until I began in the fall of 2011. 

I love the small size of Moore. I enjoy meeting people and the class sizes are great. It’s a lot of fun living in the residence halls with friends all around. Moore is in a great location too, so we have opportunities to see a lot of art with our professors.  
I gained confidence by attending an all women’s college. At Moore, it’s easiest to discuss our biggest commonalities and I find that I’ve grow after doing this. It’s a really great experience to share classes with all women and helps us to gain insightful perspectives. 
I will be bold when I start interviewing. I’m will remember all of tips that I have been given and will present myself as a strong, confident woman. Moore has helped me to develop more confidence and to discuss my work. I want to make everyone at Moore proud! 
I’ve enjoyed my classes a lot. I love any class that involves a lot of drawing. My favorite professor would have to be Elaine Erne. I’ve never been pushed the way she pushed me to draw! I improved greatly upon completing her class.