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James Johnson

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James Johnson


Associate Professor, Photography & Digital Arts

As a practicing artist, it's important to keep one's work fresh, which allows me to keep my teaching fresh. My own work combines my interests in photography, architecture, surveillance, computer automation and domestic space. A recent grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts allowed me to take up a summer residency at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska. There I was able to create artwork on a much larger scale, with significantly greater technological and conceptual intricacies than I have done before.

After receiving my BFA from Marywood University I received my MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology. For a while I studied in Florence, at the Studio Art Centers. So I've gone from Delhi, NY, where I grew up, to Scranton, PA, to Rochester, NY, to Florence, Italy and now I'm here in Philadelphia teaching at Moore. I couldn't be happier. This town has this incredible arts scene. I just joined Vox Populi. It's only the beginning.