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Holly Bittner

Director of Writing and Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing

I believe that the best learning happens through hands-on discovery, through doing rather than passive listening. In all of my courses I encourage experimentation and problem-solving, so that students in a sense become their own teachers. It is my role to be a strong guide for each student during the process, to foster a supportive and stimulating classroom environment that facilitates her artistic and intellectual development.

Being a good writer means being a good reader. I try to help my students become strong close readers, not only of a range of published literary works but also their own work. To really see and hear what you are saying, as opposed to what you think you are saying or what you want to say, is an indispensable skill for any writer.

My students challenge me to listen as much as I speak. They demand honesty and fairness from me. My students never let me forget the "human" part of the humanities, which have shared experiences and dialogue at their core.

In addition to teaching, I have the privilege of serving as Director of Writing. In this role, I oversee the First-Year Writing Program, the creative writing minor, and The Writer's Studio. The Writer's Studio is a resource for students in all programs and at all levels, offering one-on-one consultations, events and workshops related to all types of writing--academic, professional, and creative. Students who visit The Writer's Studio get help with individual writing assignments, but even more importantly, they grow as writers, developing communication skills that will distinguish them in their careers in art and design. It is my greatest pleasure and honor to help facilitate this growth.