Chloe Wright Saint Claire

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Chloe Wright Saint Claire



I did graphic design and marketing work for a few years after I graduated. I decided to pursue a masters degree in English Literature.  After I received my masters I beganI working at the Miami Arts Charter School, teaching AP English Literature and AP English Language and Composition. The school is focused on education in the visual and performing arts for young adults. I really enjoy being around so many creative young people--they have a lot of passion!

While I was studying for my masters degree, I became interested in fairy tales and folklore and wrote a few children's stories. I will continue to write more stories, develop, and illustrate them as my schedule allows.

My favorite memories of Moore consist of getting involved in student leadership; I really loved being able to help other students and welcome new students at the start of the year. 

My advice for Moore students would be to relax and explore all that Moore has to offer. Try out clubs, activities, student leadership and classes outside of your major. Moore really has a lot to offer if you're willing to come out of your shell and give it a try.