• Aimee Gilmore
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Aimee Gilmore


Fine Arts

The Fabric Workshop & Museum

Upon graduation from Moore, I started working as a production intern at The Fabric Workshop and Museum here in Philadelphia. I worked on the production of the Sarah Sze exhibition that has been on view from December 2013 and will remain up until April 2014. Starting in January, I was accepted as an Apprentice at The Fabric Workshop and Museum's Apprenticeship Program, where I work full-time creating my own 1-color and 3-color repeat patterns on 8 yards of fabric each. Since May, I have had work exhibited in three group shows across the tri-state area and this May I am exhibiting new work in a 3-person show "Sameday" at Goldilocks Gallery in Philadelphia. I recently applied to several graduate schools to pursue my MFA in Studio Art. 

The impact of my internship working with Janine Antoni and being one of the first recipients of the Penny Fox Internship Fellowship Award has been longstanding. I remain friendly with Janine and my experience in working with her has helped me remain focused and inspired to continue working hard in pursuit of fulfilling my dream of becoming a successful studio artist. 

My advice to current students is to take advantage of all of the amazing opportunities that are offered at Moore. Each fellowship, and award, and internship process are all perfect ways to gain valuable experiences in organizing your thoughts about your own work, building your presentation skills, and practicing speaking about your work in a professional, yet passionate capacity. The help and advice I received from Belena Chapp in the Career Center remains extremely valuable to this day, as I recalled her suggestions, tips and motivation when I interviewed at various graduate programs

2012 Moore Fellowships // Aimee Gilmore