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Melissa Ojeda


Photography & Digital Arts with a Business Minor


You’ll hear Photography & Digital Arts (PDA) major Melissa Ojeda talk about how this program allowed her to take risks and to find her own creative voice.  She is a woman who is interested in working across multiple image-based disciplines using various forms of media as contemporary art-making tools and PDA provided her with all those opportunities.  With this major, you’ll have the opportunity to investigate the unique aspects of many rapidly evolving disciplines, tools and techniques, while learning various strategies through which to realize your creative photographic, digital and emerging media projects. Click here for more details 

Student Interview // Melissa Ojeda

I love that Moore is a tight knit community because I enjoy being able to meet everybody and have a close connection with all of the women here. It is great to have friends in different majors because it allows for us to collaborate, which is a huge part of being in the arts. 

I decided to come to Moore because of the Photography and Digital Arts Major. It allows me to experience different aspects of digital media as well as alternative processes. I'm also interested in commercial photography and being able to experience classes in video, animation, web design, and photography. My favorites classes are Digital Photography, Moving Images and Alternative Processes. Digital Photography has allowed me to think critically about how to arrange my work in a specific sequence, Moving Images has allowed me to experiment with video and Alternative Processes allows me to learn about the processes of photography.

At Moore, I am involved in Student Government, which has allowed me to have a voice in activities and major events on and off campus. As part of the Public Relations Committee of Student Government, my job is to notify students about events going on and other important information.

Living in Philadelphia has allowed me to participate in a city with a wide variety of culture. There is always art around us from street art, murals, museums, galleries, performances, and so much more.

Above photo: 2015 Thom Carroll Photography