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Tessa Guze



I am currently working as a freelance illustrator focusing on book covers and children’s books. I am also a portrait painter and gallery artist. I teach English in South Korea, because I love living abroad and the children are wonderful.

I really enjoyed my internship in the Design Department of Roli Books in New Delhi, India. I learned a lot about book design and the in-office politics of a publishing company. Moore also granted me a travel fellowship that allowed me to spend an extra month in India teaching and volunteering at an orphanage for HIV positive children. Thanks to having these two experiences side by side in the same summer I learned that I find working with children much more fulfilling than spending time at a computer doing book design. Many of my peers love design work, but for me as a children’s book illustrator I find working with children more rewarding. I am grateful I didn’t pursue jobs in design after I graduated and instead chose to travel, teach and begin my freelance illustration career.

I paint almost exclusively in oils because I love the rich complexity of the medium and the variety of techniques it facilitates. It allows me to represent a recognizable natural world, while at the same time increasing interest and emotional impact with brush strokes, textures and glazes. It is important to me to paint naturalistically because I want my paintings to be able to communicate with as wide a range of people as possible, reaching across differences in culture, age, personality and knowledge.

My advice to current and future Moore students is to work hard, to get everything you can out of the opportunity to study at Moore, but also make sure you enjoy every minute of it. 

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