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Ashley Miller


Art Education

Since graduation over the summer I work at Hershey Park as a body art supervisor.  I get to work with children as well as adults painting faces and creating hand drawn henna tattoos as well as other art related works.  I have been with this job for seven years now so it helps being able to work with kids over the summers as well.  In January I received a full-time position with the school district of Philadelphia.  I teach at a high needs school in North Philadelphia.  It is challenging at times, but for little moments of student enjoyment it is worth it.  This is the first time in seven years that my school has had an art teacher so it is challenging as well to teach K-8 the basics and get students motivated on doing art. 

My time at Moore was special and I do miss being in school from time to time.  Especially hanging out with friends and having 2 am wawa runs.  Student teaching prepared me for teaching because I know how to set a timeline and goals for myself.  I hope to obtain my masters in special education as well as art therapy in the near future.  It was always a goal of mine to give back to students who had less than I did growing up and currently I am living that goal.  My advice for others who are thinking about Art Education or graduating soon would be to keep your mind open and do not settle for something and know in the end it will all work out!