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Carlee Myers


Curatorial Studies

In May of 2014 Carlee obtained her BFA from Moore. After graduation, she was hired on part-time in Moore’s Development Office assisting with everything from the Visionary Woman Awards (a $375,000 scholarship fundraiser) to the Alumni Exhibition. In addition to working at Moore she spends twelve hours a week as a FOB Holder managing Second State Press, a professional printmaking studio. After a brief stint as a Customer Service Representative who managed the front end at an Acme market in South Philly, Carlee was also hired on as a part-time After School Lead Instructor at the Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology (PCAT) where she continues to teach kindergarten through second graders about science, technology, engineering and math through art making and hands-on projects.

In addition to entering the workforce full-time, she has continued to use art making as a Way or Do in the studio. The author of The Japanese Way of the Artist, H.E. Davey, describes a Do as “an art that allows us to understand the ultimate nature of the whole of life by closely examining ourselves through a singular activity of life: to arrive at the universal through studying the particular.” With this idea in mind, Carlee explores techniques involving one primary material--wood; with this material, she explores techniques such as woodblock printmaking, wood burning, and installation with a painstakingly slow hand allowing each process to become meditative in nature.  To view some examples of her work visit her website at:  www.carleemyers.com