• charmaine yeung
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Charmaine Yeung


Graphic Design

Graphic Designer at Advertising Specialist Institute (ASI) and Freelance at Bosha Design+ Communication.

I visited COOL (Career Opportunities On-Line) and was looking for an internship that was within walking distance. I found Sneaker Villa, a small company with a wide range of things that I could learn about or do. They do performance footwear and urban apparel. They carry brands such as Nike, Jordon, Timberland, and Adidas.

My responsibilities included managing their Instagram account, designing merchandise, making web ready product photos for their online store; event promotion including, fliers, posters, social media posts, and designs.

Sneaker Villa was founded in 1989 and was a family-run business. They have 69 locations and another 10 more slated to open by Christmas. They serve five markets – Philadelphia, West New York, Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago. They opened two stores, one in Pennsylvania and another in Chicago, IL, during my internship. This allowed me to work on window graphics and other promotional graphics.

I learned how projects were executed for the market and the store and how it follows through from concept to product. I liked the internship at Sneaker Villa. I’ve enjoyed my experience here so far.