• sade wimberly
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Sade Wimberly


Photography & Digital Art

My first internship was at A Model NYC, a modeling agency. I took models to go-sees and photo shoots, signed them up for Fashion Week, found events for them to go to and took Polaroid’s for their modeling book.

I loved working with the models, they are all really nice, I liked taking them on go-sees. Being involved in the fashion industry suited my needs because I want to do professional fashion photography after I graduate. I have a better idea for how fashion models work and what designers are looking for

I did the first internship for a month and a half and then had reached out to the second one, doing them both during the week. My Second internship was at Black Inc, Co. They have a TV show on VH1. They were filming the second season when I started working for them. It’s a reality show about a tattoo parlor and following the daily lives of tattoo artists as they build a name for themselves. I was excited to see all the producers and the filming. Some celebrities even came by to get tattoos.

My responsibilities at Black Inc. included web media, working on their website, building artist portfolios, managing their social media presence, receptionist work, and more. I took on the second internship because I thought I wasn’t getting everything I was looking for at the modeling agency. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I had it in me to do both internships. It turns out I did!

Since my major is photography and digital art, I learned about the Web and using the Web, and that social media is important. Digital art is a big part of the Web and social media. I learned to reach out to people through resources that I hadn’t used before.

Internships are one of the best things you can do. It gives you the experience you need coming right out of college. It prepares you for the real world. It also pushes you to your limits to see how far you’re willing to go.