Rochelle " Cissie" Levy

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Rochelle " Cissie" Levy



I joined the Board of Managers of Moore in 1970 with the encouragement of several current board members who knew me as an artist and thought this would be a good fit.

I always wanted to complete my art degree and while serving as a board member, I realized that I could wear two hats at Moore: as both a student and a board member.

Being on the board while I was a student was extremely helpful because I could discuss the concerns that the students had because I had the same concerns.

A mother of five, I graduated from Moore in 1979 with a major in Painting and a minor in Printmaking and Photography after nine years as a non-traditional student. Horses, beach scenes and my family were common themes in my work and continue to this day.

I liked the College because it was small and there were other women who, like me, were of non-traditional age and were returning to finish their degrees.

I’m really a driven person. If I set my sights on something, for the most part I accomplish what I want to do. Being in the Moore environment where students got a lot of individual attention and were pushed by the faculty to do their absolute best and meeting other women with the same drive to succeed and get ahead was perfect! There were times when we all became mentors to the traditional students. The Locks Career Center and business courses and internships were not around when I was a student but would have been as invaluable as they are today.

I’ve been involved with Moore for decades. I was instrumental in the develop­ment of the Goldie Paley and Levy Galleries at Moore. (Goldie Paley was my husband’s grandmother and an artist as well.) I also played an important role in acquiring the ASTM building, now known as Wilson Hall.

Over the years, I’ve chaired every committee of the Board of Moore, served as Chair of the Board of Managers from 1980 to 1982 and Chair of the Board of Trustees from 1988 to 1998. I received an Honorary Doctorate in 1998.

I believe that there is still a place for all-women colleges and that Moore is correct to fill this niche.

I think in the future, the online courses we offer will be very helpful as well as maintaining the on-site personal communications with students. There will always be women who want to attend an all-women’s college.

Making Their Mark: Rochelle Levy Moore College of Art & Design Oral History