• Stephanie Zuppo
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Stephanie Zuppo



I'm currently pursuing my MFA at The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. I am working towards a degree in Comics writing, production, and cartooning. CCS is known for being one of the most intensive comics focused programs in the existence. Only 20 students are accepted to CCS each year and the faculty includes award winning graphic novelists such as James Sturm, Stephen Bissette, Jason Lutes, and Alex Longstreth. I am very lucky to be attending school here. Many thanks to Moore for helping me prepare such a great portfolio!

I am still working as a freelance designer while attending school full time. My clients include Boco Digital Media, LLC and Frank Agostino, as well as several small businesses local to Philadelphia. I'm currently trying to devote as much time to my comics as possible though!

I loved attending an all-women’s college! Comics are still considered a male dominated industry, but Moore teaches young women to set their goals high and become great leaders in their field. I gained a lot of confidence from attending Moore and am determined to publish a comic within the next few years. I continue to have a great support system of Moore instructors and alums.

I interned at three places while at Moore - The Academy of Natural Sciences, Marvel Entertainment, and Networks Plus, LLC. All of my internships were very valuable in different ways, but my Marvel internship helped me get accepted into CCS. Marvel taught me the basics of comic production, which has given me an advantage during my studies here. I am really glad Moore pushed me to go after an internship at Marvel!

During my time at Moore, I mostly focused on Digital Painting and Web Design, but now I'm focusing entirely on comics. I've completed quite a few mini-comics since graduating from Moore and am currently working on a larger series about a paranormal town in Vermont. After the semester ends, I'll be devoting all my time on writing, drawing, and publishing my thesis comic, which is due in May of next year in order to graduate.

My advice to Moore students would be to take advantage of Moore's and Philadelphia's resources while you can. During the year that I took in between graduating Moore and moving to Vermont, I really missed being able to access all of Moore's studio space, the computers/software, and the INSTRUCTORS (The illustration and graphic design instructors are the most helpful, amazing people ever! Get to know them well!) Also I heard Moore has a 3D printer and laser cutter now? So jealous!

Philadelphia is an amazing city full of art museums and galleries that should be explored while you have the chance! There are some amazing artists, designers, and studios stationed in Philadelphia. It's a great city for comic artists too - Philly is the home of Retrofit Comics, Philly Alternative Comic Con, Wizard World, South Fellini, Locust Moon, Brave New Worlds, Philly Comic Jam, and so much more!

My current website is: http://www.stephaniezuppo.com