• shannon willis
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Shannon Willis


Interior Design

I like problem solving. With interior design, most projects and assignments start with a problem, and our job is to find the best solution. The fun part is to make the solution look great, too! I love asking myself, "How do I make this space function AND look beautiful?" The project is a success when both are achieved. I think my background as a fine artist provides a great foundation for the interior design skills I learned at Moore.

I love that Moore has the required internship. It gives students an edge that other art schools don’t offer. While other soon-to-be grads are finishing up final projects AND frantically applying to jobs, many Moore students already have jobs, or have the experience from their internships to have an easier time finding a job. I also think Moore students take their majors very seriously- sometimes to the point where school feels like a job in and of itself. This makes for an easy transition into the creative work force.
My internship was with Urban Outfitters. After the required summer hours, they hired me as a part-time designer, so I was able to complete my senior year while working 20 hours per week. By the time graduation rolled around, I was ready to dive in full-time! My experience has been great since the very beginning with Urban Outfitters. I never felt like a true "intern"; they made me feel like I was a part of the team right away.