• ashley dudek
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Ashley Dudek


Fashion Design

I got my current job because I had the opportunity to work in the Urban Outfitters retail store while I was a student at Moore. My time as a store employee got my foot in the door and led to where I am now at the company headquarters in Philadelphia.

Moore prepared me for the work force. Working on a portfolio during my senior year allowed me to express my individual style while giving me a better understanding of merchandising a marketable sportswear line. As design coordinator at Urban, I work with the designers and make sure each product comes back from the factory with the right fabric, trims and fit to ensure faster sales in the store and online.

While at Moore, I interned at the Urban Outfitter’s Direct photo studio as a styling intern, which led to an internship at Marie Claire magazine in New York City, and internships at VH1 and MTV networks in television wardrobe. My experience at VH1 taught me how to network, which influenced my organizational skills. After my internship I was hired at Viacom (the parent company) as a freelance stylist, strengthening my resume for my full-time job search during my senior year.