• Pam Reimers
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Pam Reimers


Fine Arts

Since graduating in 2011, I have worked diligently to master my craft. I found employment at a jewelry studio in South Philadelphia as a Production Jeweler three months after graduating. My experiences at Moore prepared me for an industry where your skill level and creativity are what set you apart. I apply the skills and professionalism that I acquired at Moore daily.

I traveled to New Orleans to intern with Thomas Mann, who became a mentor to me. The skills I learned from him as well as Moore have prepared me for the work field, and have also given me the confidence to start my own jewelry business. I built a strong relationship with Thomas Mann since my internship and he has been my go-to person when I need advice or when I create new pieces on which I need a professional opinion. 

I was skeptical about entering the work world after graduation, but I think back to all the hard work I did for the four years I attended Moore as well as my internship and I apply what I learned.  Currently, I am creating jewelry samples and new designs to add to my line.  

My advice to Moore students is to stay true to yourself. It may be difficult to do so when you are influenced by the work of your peers, but it pays off to know what you like and what your artwork means to you. It is also important to learn as much as you can about being an entrepreneur. Internship research is a must. Don't just settle for an internship because it's convenient or close. Find a few places, and decide on the one that will allow you to challenge yourself and expand your knowledge.  I do not regret traveling to New Orleans for my internship. It was one of the best decisions I made in my life. Lastly, have fun while learning, don't believe the hype that artwork has to have a serious or deep meaning; art can be a happy place for you to escape the everyday stress.  Make art that makes you love what you do.

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