• Katie Yamaguchi
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Katie Yamaguchi


Fashion Design

My mom used to choreograph the musicals at our local high school. That’s when I first fell in love with sewing by watching the costume designers make the outfits for the show.

I have always wanted to dress differently and sometimes the outfits I saw in my head I could not find in the stores. That’s why I wanted to study fashion -- to put the ideas in my head out there in the fashion world for everyone to see.

I really like the close family feel at Moore. I’m not overwhelmed by a large campus or student population.

There is a close relationship between students and staff here. Everyone is willing to help you out. I’ve developed good relationships with my professors and I get the attention I need. I feel the faculty can really help you grow as an artist if they personally know how you work and what level of skill you have.

Receiving the Board of Trustees and Emerging Leaders in the Arts scholarships at Moore have meant so much to me. The scholarships are the main reason I was able to come here.

Kathleen Yamaguchi-Moore College of Art & Design