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Alaina Tomasello

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Alaina Tomasello



When she was searching for a summer internship, Alaina Tomasello ’17 of Hammonton, NJ, found the perfect opportunity just a few minutes away.

Tomasello, an Illustration major, interned at Frankenstein Design, a one-stop design firm for everything from creative marketing and business cards to commercials and billboards. “We do it all for our clients,” Tomasello said. “If they ask for it, we can do it.”

Tomasello worked as both an illustrator and a graphic designer. As a designer, she designed and laid out websites, created banners, logos, signage and anything that needed to be created digitally. As an illustrator, she created custom illustrations that were incorporated into designs.

“As a designer, you have to pick and pull from pre-existing imagery,” Tomasello said. “But being both an illustrator and designer, I can create something completely original and customized for the client. It’s a two-fold job. Because it’s a big company, I use my writing skills a lot as well. I’m a writing assistant in Moore’s Writer’s Studio, so I’m able to write a lot of copy for client websites.”

Tomasello also takes pride in being Moore’s first intern to work at the company. Initially, she was looking at places further away. She didn’t think she would find a company right in South Jersey.

“It was right under my nose,” she said. “Everything in Hammonton has practically been designed by this company. The second I went on the website and saw all of the iconic signs, it was kind of a breakthrough.”

As the recipient of the Penny Fox Internship Fellowship, Tomasello was able to focus on her internship and her studies without having to get a part-time job over the summer.

“It allowed me to open up my schedule and to be as available for my internship as possible,” she said. “I could stay later at work or work from home.” After graduation, Tomasello hopes to continue working for the company on a freelance or even permanent basis. 

“I’ve learned so much, besides just learning how to create jobs for clients, but especially how to deal with people, working with clientele and their demands. Luckily, I am used to that because professors at Moore treat us like business partners. It has been an eye-opening experience. I’m happy to keep rising to the challenge.”

“Alaina has been a tremendous intern,” said Frank Italiano, president and founder of Frankenstein Design. “Her creativity and worth ethic surpassed our expectations!”

Tomasello first learned about Moore when she visited National Portfolio Day in Philadelphia, hosted by the College. Prior to that, Tomasello studied with a private teacher and mentor Sharon Reustle, who helped her create a portfolio to showcase her artistic abilities.

“I knew about Moore because some of my high school friends had gone there,” she said. “During my portfolio review, I remembered that one of the professors said that I had ‘potential.’ Moore quickly became my top choice. Once I visited the campus, that sealed the deal.”

Tomasello said she originally interviewed at other colleges, but felt like she was just “another name,” not a "person."

“Moore was always inviting me to things and they gave me a generous scholarship to come here. I appreciate every minute at Moore because I couldn’t be there without it.”

By Michele Cohen