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Ian Leibovici

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Ian Leibovici

Paperweight Design Studios, Philadelphia

After two years of working as a freelance marketing consultant, Ian Leibovici wanted to start his own creative digital agency.

In 2012, Leibovici and several partners opened Paperweight Design Studios in Philadelphia, a provider of web, branding, design and media solutions. With his previous work experience in business, marketing and customer service, Leibovici realized he was lacking the fundamentals in web design to build more successful websites.

“Paperweight has its own design development team,” Leibovici said. “Being the owner, I really needed to increase my skill set. It also helps with clients when they ask if I have an education in web design, I can say ‘yes.’”

Leibovici, who earned a BS in Industrial Design from the University of the Arts, turned to Moore College of Art & Design to continue his education.  He enrolled in the Web Design certificate program, taking classes like Flash Interactive Design and Computer Illustrator. He finished his coursework in Winter, 2013. Summer Quarter Continuing Education classes begin July 14.

“It was a great experience,” he said. “It was great meeting other people with the same goal to go out and achieve a new career or build on their (existing) career. I worked with some great professors. It’s a good introduction to the web design world and it definitely helps people get their feet planted in the right direction to build a portfolio that they can get real world work from. People who take this program could easily go out the door and get work.”

With the skills he learned at Moore, Leibovici recently launched Paperclips215 – a digital art and design platform aimed at expanding awareness of creative content in the Greater Philadelphia area. PaperClips focuses on covering events in real time, using primarily Twitter and Instagram to connect with its users.

“We try to promote the creative culture of Philadelphia in a different way than any of the art blogs by ‘clipping’ about recent happenings, upcoming happenings and interesting content,” Leibovici said.

Not one to rest on his laurels, this month Leibovici plans to launch, a strategy business and marketing development company that uses technology platforms to help clients develop content enabled strategies to parallel their marketing plans. 

“The skills I learned at Moore will reflect in Boxter as we seek to build best practices when it comes to visually delivering content on the web and for the clients we work with.”

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