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Derek Seang

Derek with his model, wearing the skirt that he made in YAW.
Derek with his model, wearing the skirt that he made in YAW.
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Derek Seang

Derek Seang will never forget how he felt walking down the runway.

He walked arm and arm with his “model,” who was wearing his garment, in front of family, friends and a whole host of other people, lights flashing, music playing, the whole world his stage.

“It was a great feeling,” he said. “I felt like a nervous wreck at one point because I never experienced walking down the runway in front of people before. I felt like ‘I could get used to this.’ This is what I want to do.’”

Seang, 18, was participating in a fashion show for Moore’s Youth Programs Spring Friends & Family Day, the culmination of weeks of classes for boys and girls, young men and women in grades 1 – 12 in Animation, Computer Graphics, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Gaming Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Portfolio Preparation and more.

Seang, of Philadelphia, had taken Fashion Illustration and Basic Sewing classes on weekends and was debuting what he’d made – a black skirt with a gold zipper – at the end-of-season runway show.  Summer YAW classes begin July  7.

“I liked the classes at Moore,” Seang said. “Not only did I have a good experience with just the materials we used, but I liked meeting new people and developing connections. It was my first time sewing and I made a great skirt for one of my friends. My teachers were great and I learned a lot.”

Seang said his father enrolled him in Moore’s program because “during his free time he looks for opportunities for me for fashion because he knows that’s my dream.”

Seang, who said he always makes sure to dress “on trend,” hopes to have his own clothing line one day, aspiring to be like Ralph Lauren, one of his style icons. He describes his personal style as being “different.”

“I like wearing something that no one has ever seen before,” he said. “I’ll put on colorful sneakers or something that makes me stand out. Everyone at school knows me as the ‘fashion person.’ They look at me as an inspiration because they see me chasing my dreams in fashion.”

Seang, a rising senior at Furness High School, plans to take more classes at Moore this summer and eventually go to college for fashion design.

“I have an inspiration to create new things,” he said. “I see an image in my head that makes me want to draw outfits for people to wear. That’s the beauty of fashion. Getting the concept and organizing your thoughts and getting it on paper. Every moment, every day, is a step towards your dreams. You ‘gotta chase it.”

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