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Sarah Lorenz

Sarah Lorenz '16
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Sarah Lorenz


Graphic Design

If you’ve ever tried finding your way to a museum or a park in a new city that you’re visiting, you would appreciate the work Sarah Lorenz ’16 is doing. Lorenz is the marketing coordinator and design assistant for MERJE, an environmental design firm based in West Chester, Pa.

“MERJE travels all over the United States to provide an environment with a new wayfinding plan for both locals and tourists to better navigate that space,” Lorenz said. Wayfinding is the information system that helps guide people through a physical space, using things like maps, apps and icons. Clients include cities, universities, corporations and healthcare organizations. The company also develops architectural elements, interpretive and print design.

Lorenz, who graduated from Moore with a degree in graphic design and a minor in textile design, began working at MERJE last October.

“My role is more working on proposals that are released and then aiding in design elements for various projects,” she said. “When I’m not gathering files for proposals, I’m working on designing gateways for cities, creating maps and programming.”


Lorenz got acquainted with Moore through the College’s Young Artists Workshop.

“I actually took YAW classes when I was in high school,” she said. “I had a sewing teacher in high school who said, ‘Oh you would really love it there.’ I wound up getting a scholarship and took a fashion class because I had been sewing my whole life.”

She ended up choosing Moore for her college experience.

“I fell in love with the environment at Moore and the sense of community,” she said. “When applying for college, it was one of my first picks. It was already something I was most comfortable with and I loved all the people I had met there.”


Lorenz said being able to take a variety of design courses at Moore prepared her to be able to adapt to design in any format.

“After taking classes in bookbinding, print, web and textile design, I am now able to use all of those tools and apply them to wayfinding projects,” she said. Her bookbinding artwork also lends itself to the work she does at MERJE.

“A book doesn’t have to be a story with words, it’s more of a visual and tangible work of art for someone to interact with,” she said. “I like to use pressed flowers and prints and threads in my books.” Lorenz said she was influenced in her art by her grandmother, who “did pretty much anything you could do with thread or yarn or fabric.”

Lorenz keeps busy outside of work with her art, and by being involved as a member of the Philadelphia chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design. She also keeps in touch with her former professors at Moore.

“They really push for their students and they are a totally awesome support network for us,” she said. “I couldn’t be more thankful for having gone to Moore and being able to meet the professors I’ve had the pleasure of being with.”

About her new job, she said, “I’m definitely excited to be making a more permanent place for myself in a design position.”

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