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Janee Powers

Janee Powers
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Janee Powers


Animation & Game Arts

Animation fascinated Janeé Powers ‘18 from the time she was 8 years old.

“I didn’t start drawing until then,” said the Animation & Game Arts major. “It was Japanese animation –Sailor MoonNarutoBleachInuyasha – and it kind of progressed with regular cartoons like Disney, so a lot of the Disney princesses, I was really interested in,” she said.

Powers sought out extra help in her high school art classes.

“The class was for all students who were taking electives, so I didn’t get the chance to experience a real art-teaching class to help me improve my work,” she said. “I had to teach myself.” Her art teacher provided tutorials for her to watch, and her mother bought drawing packets for her to practice with.

When she got to Moore, her professors showed her how to draw simple hand gestures on a character and to understand peripheral vision.

Powers said as an AGA major, she’s learned to appreciate the dedication, time and effort it takes to make one scene of an animated story.

“What I love is the time the artists take to really give their animations a personality that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives,” Powers said. “It’s the fluent movement from one frame to the next that captivates my attention.”


A high school friend who took classes at Moore suggested Powers look into the college.

“I liked the atmosphere,” she said. “Even though the school was small, just knowing that I was surrounded by all different types of art was breathtaking and refreshing.”

Powers is in Moore’s second graduating Animation & Game Arts class. She’s been a member of Student Government, serving as secretary this year. She works four days a week at Sam’s Club in Gloucester City, New Jersey, to help pay for college. She appreciates being in an all-women’s art college.

“It helps you feel more empowered about being a woman in the gaming industry because I’m not the only one who’s going for it,” she said.

Powers said she enjoys video games with a good story and background. She’s designed a horror game called ‘Lily’ that’s set in a house. The story is that Lily’s soul has been trapped in a music box, and players must find and complete the pieces of the music box to win. Lily, who looks like a scary, deranged Raggedy Ann doll, chases and attacks the players.

Powers hopes to work in the mobile gaming industry and make the best games she can.

“I’m trying to improve myself as much as possible and really keep track of the ins and outs of video games, what’s popular,” she said. “Hopefully, I can take all of that information and put it into my own games in the future.”

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